About us

As with every other institution under the SN Trusts, VNSS School Cherthala is also fortunate to be led by the divine light that is Sree Narayana Guru. At VNSS we try to instil the noble concept of “One Caste, One Religion, One God for Man” into the minds of our students preparing them to be universal citizens.

Located conveniently by the National Highway 47 at Kanichukulangara junction near SN Puram, the school came into being on the 16th of June, 1999, and was inaugurated by Sri Vellapally Nateshan. From its humble beginnings, the school has grown by leaps and bounds to establish itself as one of the foremost names in education in the district imparting knowledge and skills to students right from kindergarten to Class XII.

Our Inspirational Leader

The founder of the Sree Narayana trust is the late Sri R Shankar (1909–1972), a dynamic leader with wide vision. It was founded in 1952 in the name of the great saint and social reformer Sree Narayana Guru (1856 – 1928) to realize one of his important messages, “Freedom Through Education” . The Trusts has played an important role in the educational advancement of Kerala, especially in the upliftment of the socially and educationally backward section of the society. So far its accent has been on the Higher Education Section. But now the management has directed its attention to the Primary Secondary and Senior Secondary levels of the education as well. With the establishment of the school the dream of the founder to have an educational complex from the primary to the doctorate level in the same campus is being realized.

Vision & Mission

The noble ideal of “Enlightenment through education” put forth by Sree Narayan Guru serves as the core value of our institution. It is not enough that a child has the potential to be great. That potential needs to be realised by first awakening it, then nurturing it, eventually helping it blossom into its full extent. This can only be done through the right kind of education. We give utmost importance to identifying and fostering the students’ aptitudes and abilities so as to enable them to attain excellence in their respective areas of strength.

Our mission is to provide an integrated learning environment that fosters independent thinking and maximises individual potential and ensures students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work and life ahead.


The school follows the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) syllabus and the medium of instruction is English. The course of study prepares students for the All India Senior Secondary School examination. The subjects taught in the school include English, Malayalam, Hindi [third language] Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, Computer, Music, Drawing and Painting, General Knowledge and Moral Science. Sports and Games, socially useful productive work [SUPW], Dance, Yoga, Taekwondo etc. are also part of the course of instruction.


VNSS SN Trusts Central School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi [CBSE NO.930480], which functions under the Dept. of Education , Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.