Educational Facilities

Educational Facilities


Smart Classroom

smartclass Smart class is a comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers in meeting day to day classroom challenges and enhancing student’s academic performance with simple, practical and meaningful use of technology. These sessions integrate audio and visual media to impart education through entertainment in a highly fascinating manner. These classes greatly impact learning and helps students understand and memorize topics better Every day, our students in the classes look forward to these technology enriched lessons mapped to their School syllabus; thereby making it an interactive and enjoyable time for them.

Computer Lab

computerlab In this age of Information Technology, an early exposure to basics of computer is imperative for every child. Familiarity with the computer and its various aspects is as important for students as any other subject in the curriculum. We realise this and have set up a Computer Lab that is equipped with the latest models of computers and software which will help the students overcome any inhibitions they could have about using computers.

Physics Lab

physicslab Our Physics lab is equipped with all the necessary equipment required for the practical understanding of the theories learned in textbooks. These include various gauges, lenses and mirrors and other electrical instruments.

Chemistry Lab

chemistrylab Our Chemistry Lab provides students with hands-on experience under the supervision of experienced teachers.

Biology Lab

The Biology lab is also equipped with various tools such as Microscope, specimens and slides, charts and tables.

Maths Lab

Gone are the days when mathematics used to be the subject that needed to be learned by memorization. At VNSS, we believe the subject needs to be taught in more creative ways. That’s why we have a Maths lab, which teaches mathematical problems solving through practical methods. Our Maths Lab is equipped with tools aimed at making this possible.


library Our Library is one of the hallmarks of the school. The library houses a wide variety of books and journals. It serves as store house of information related, to prescribed text books and beyond. Its purpose is to inculcate reading habit amongst students. Renowned works of Fiction, Classics, Self Help Books, Science & Technology Periodicals, Journals related to history, culture, exploration along with selected local and national dailies are available here. All articles in the library are carefully scanned and selected to ensure the correct development of the students.